NTA Group Member

Jeger Limited

Jeger Limited manufactures and sells high-quality IEC 60227 PVC cables, cordsets and cord switches etc., their trademark are JEGER & JR.

The main products are 2 pin & 3 pin moulded or rewireable VDE approved plugs, 2 pin & 3 pin moulded Australian approved plugs, single or double pole cord switches for table lamps, IEC 60227 PVC cables ranging from 0.5mm2 to 1.5mm2 and AC connectors or couplers for electrical appliances or computers etc. All products have met the UK, Norway, Germany, Netherlands, Australia and other countries with the required safety standards and regulations, also having BS, VDE, Nemko, KEMA, Australian Government and CE certification, and complying the latest European requirements of RoHS and REACH, while the products are widely used in various types of household electrical appliances and lighting.

The company has advanced manufacturing equipments and knows how technology, good quality management system and after-sales service, more than 20 years of production experience and reputation has enabled the company to become a leading and well established industry for international markets.

Welfast Electrical Factory Ltd

Welfast Electrical Factory Ltd mainly produces high-quality UK or British electrical accessories and lighting products etc. All products have been conformed to the required National Safety Standards while complying with BS, CE, and the latest RoHS & REACH safety compliance.

The company has equipped with advance computerized machinery, proficient manufacturing and well controlled quality system, their factory has been assessed and approved by most of the UK Chain Stores and International well-known companies as the low-risk vendor.

With more than 20 years of manufacturing experience and management skill in China, and well familiar with European and international market, they always fulfill all their customers' needs, expectation in quality and on-time delivery.

ManyTec Electronic Company

ManyTec Electronic Company mainly provides reliable electronic design & assembly to our group with high precison auto insert SMD machines, sophisticated PCBA production, strict quality control and know how electronic technology. With more than 15 years in design and manufacturing of electronic products, and all electronic products are always conformed to National Standards and our customers' needs. 

For further enquiry, please contact -  Fanta Company Limited